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Am aware that there is a list of Puch carbs and that the middle number of the series x/xx/xxx represents millimeters. But what do the other numbers represent? I have seen three different "designs" of Bing Carbs on Puchs (standard round bottomed with the stock air boxes, same with the bell-mouth and the square bowled ones). What I want to know is are there any other Bings that can be used on the stock bikes (with appropriate intakes), maybe from other mopeds? What about clearance issues? What about some that I have seen that have the bowl attached to the side of the carb body? Is there a list somewhere that can provide these answers? I have different carbs that have 166, 302, etc. and there must be some sense to this whole pattern. What is a "style 54" or "84" or whatever Bing carb?Gotta be an easier way.

Re: Carb numbers

A. J. Souza /

Okay, followup to the first question. Have discovered a partial answer: First "style" of Bing is the "SRE" with round bowl; second is "SRG" and third is referred to a "Bing type 15, 17, 18." But there are other designs "SLH," "Types 21, 53, 54, 55, etc" including ones too large for 50cc engines and others that are of outdated design no longer listed.

So which ones can fit with clearance on Puch bikes?

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