1978 Vespa Bravo

Hello! I just picked my moped up from the guy I bought it from. I love it, but the guy couldn't tell me basic things about the various levers on it, which got me a little worried. I saw lots of postings on the Bravo so hopefully you guys can help me out.

The gas lever on the left side has 3 settings, right? On, Off, Reserve, which position is which? The shop guy couldn't tell me and I think this important to know so I don't run it on reserve this whole time. Also, the guy said he did a performance upgrade on the exhaust system to make it go faster, but in my experience the last few days I can max out at 25mph, which is fine, but I wanted to make sure I got my moneys worth as far as the upgrade went. Any insight would help immensely. Thanks so much!

Re: 1978 Vespa Bravo

go HERE and grab the Vespa manuals ..

Since you inherited a bike modified by someone who's skills and care you (may) know nothing about, be very careful. Modified bikes are a complete unknown and should be expected to have been somewhat abused.

_the guy couldn’t tell me basic things about the various levers on it_

Bad omen #1.

a well executed exhaust modification can add anywhere from 20% to, in some cases, a 100% increase in power.. But add any various, minor tuning problem and it can ultimately result in a zero increase.

Re: 1978 Vespa Bravo

horizontal= of

up =reserve

down= on

get us a picture of your exhaust.

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