i got shocked

hello to all

i just finished some work on my ped and while fine tuning i got shocked by the spark plug

is this normal for when its running or is something not grounded correctly?

Re: i got shocked

hmm.. normal .. to get shocked.

I don't think so.

Double check your work .. focus on the kill switch and ignition switch wiring, or any other wiring related to ignition that you were messing with..

Re: i got shocked

If you had the plug out of the engine and you were touching it while you or someone else was kicking the bike then it is normal to get shocked. Were you checking for spark and got zaped a bit? This isn't unusual, you should just try to hold the plug by the insulated cable when checking for spark.

If you got hit while the plug was in the cyclinder from some other source then I would start checking your wiring.

Re: i got shocked

no it happened when it was running and i was messing with the carb then...ZAPPO

ill go check recheck my wiring

Re: i got shocked

after double checking i came up with nothing

the only thing i did was disconnect 4 wires

now they are connected(blue to blue,black to black, and so on) the way they should be

im stumped, any ideas?

Re: i got shocked

Small crack or pinhole in the spark-plug wire.

That's cool though, but a bit "jumpy".

Try one of these next time.... (attached)



Re: i got shocked

any old wiring insulation?

Is part of a wire caught under the edge of a coverplate?

trace the entire length of the wires you were working on.. one of them is making electrical contact with the engine block.

Re: i got shocked

by "electrical contact" i don't mean direct contact with the engine..

for instance, an ignition wire that trails up the harness to some handlebar switch but has a fault and is touching the bars, does make electrical contact with the engine through the frame..

if you have a multimeter (ohm meter..continuity meter) dust it off and drag it out... it'll make things easier.

Re: i got shocked

thanks for the suggestions

ill keep you posted

Re: i got shocked

This happened to me once.

I suspected a short and leaned over the seat grabbed the rear wheel and pulled up, Got me a good jolt that made my arms clench.

Hurt too and I'm no sissy about electricity.

Fire it up in the dark, look for a arcking plug or coil wire, listen too you may hear it snapping.


Re: i got shocked

Good points, Rusty.

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