Bing 85/12/104 Should It Have a Needle

I am cleaning up a 78' Sachs and just last night I got it running but once it is started it will die out after about 30 seconds of idling. If I give it some gas it will die out right away. I noticed that there is exhaust coming out where the pipe connects to the cylinder head so there might be a leak there. I am going to fix that after work today.

My other idea is that maybe my jet needle is missing from my carb. I have a Bing 85/12/104 carb and it does not have the jet needle through throttle slide like the more common 85/12/101 carbs. There is a brass "pipe" coming up into the slide chamber in the 104 that is not in the 101 so at first I just thought that 104 just must not have the jet needle. But now I am thinking that maybe my carb is missing this part. Should a Bing 85/12/104 carb have a jet needle.

I attached a picture of what I am talking about in case I am confusing terms.



Re: Bing 85/12/104 Should It Have a Needle

This model of sachs carb does not have a needle, it have a tube that comes up the center where the needle would be on the slower model carbs like the 85/12/101 and the 85/10/101.

Re: Bing 85/12/104 Should It Have a Needle

What do you mean by slower model carbs?

Re: Bing 85/12/104 Should It Have a Needle

the 85/12/101 and the 85/10/101 are not chambered as well inside of the carb, and the jetting is not as good stock as on the 85/12/104. In addition, the 85/12/104 design aids in getting the atomizied fgas directly into the path of the intake for higher performance.

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