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Hey guys -

this is going to ound like a really dumb question - but we can't figure it out.

My friend just picked up a 1990 Golden Bullet from my friends back yard. its been sitting for a while, but is in really great shape. a minor problem - most of the controls were kind of frozen - switches, buttons wouldn't work at all. we managed to free them all and they work. all but we don't have any throttle control. is is a grip-twist like most other mopeds? it isn't controlled with a thumb lever or anything, is it? also - how does the grip connect to the throttle slide on the handle bar? any idea how to free this thing that refuses to move?

if anyone has a picture of the right side off a Bullett that would be great. i believe they use CEV switches with Domino controls.

thanks a lot -


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Mine was pretty sticky, but not frozen. First I'd check your carb. I don't know the official name for it, but there is a slide that goes up and down right under the black or aluminum cap that screws on top of the carb. That's for an encarne carb anyway. Otherwise, I'd try to spray a little wd40 were the throttle moves/twists. See if that opens it up. If it's stuck though, it sounds like something in your carb.

good luck

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thanks for your help. we cleaned the carb out (it was a dellorto) and the slide moves fine. the carb was actually very clean. so we are assuming that the throttle is on the handle, right?? we're gonna spray it with some lube tonite and try to get the damn thing to move. it's stuck as hell for some reason, though. there's no kinda lock or anything on these golden bullets, is there?/ we noticed that there is no key and really no way to lock it, so that was the other option.

if anyone has any info, or some pics of their RH throttle assembly, please let me know! we've got great spark, awesome compression - this is the only thing we need to get a $100 backyard find up and running...



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ill get ya a pic in a few minutes...

Re: Tomos Throttle Help

twist grip. theres a little screw to make it stay on the handlebar

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sorry its so grainy... lighting sux in my room at night... hope it helps!

also, somewhere on here in repairs i once posted some pics of the inside of the throttle assembly when i was trying to find out exactly where to attach the cable... they may be helpful to you too... ill see if i can find the link...


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