Peugeot 102 clutch?

I am having this problem where the clutch won't slip enough to pull away without dying. Either that or I pedal it up to speed where the rpm's are up enought to keep up with the engaging centrifugal cutch.

It's not always engaged. When I put it on the stand, and start it, it runs okay. Then It seems to slip just right. I can hold the back brake, and rev until it wants to grab, then it seems to slip okay.

I put it on the ground, it seems fine 'til i actually start moving. Then it grabs too early in the rpm's and bogs down til it dies unles I really really assist it from every dammed stop-light and stop sign.

I even changed out clutches from a 103 that has an identical clutch. It seemed to work fine until I got it a bit warm, then right back to the same thing.

Anybody know how I can remedy this???????


Re: Peugeot 102 clutch?


French Fried Moped

Thanks Sweety, but I don't think anybody here knows any more than I do. I posted on the General Forum, my "night's position" on it. I've gone through two decent looking clutches by the book, and nothing seems wrong. I think my bike may be gettin weak. --But if so, why can it beat Randy's rebuilt and awesomely running QT50? He pulls away alot faster, but I catch up and pass him quite easily.

It's Allstate time!!!!

Oh and Jen, I'm gonna hafta just polish the ugly red up for now, if I wanna ride it. Otherwise it could be weeks to afford the paint I'll want along with all the rest of the stuff, that goes with that. I shoulda been saving, except I thought I already had the yellow. Looked and found it was Aqua. Why my memory is so lost is beyond me. I hope I can tie my shoes the next time they come untied!

I still need two decent peds running. I just do.


Re: French Fried Moped

Jason Luther /

check out your other thread

Re: Peugeot 102 clutch?

Sounds like a carb/idle problem.

Adjust your idle and see what happens. Doesn't sound like fuel flow is the problem, so ...

Re: French Fried Moped

if i were closer, id let ya get ya hands on my ped to increase ya numbers, since its now probably gonna just sit there as a wierd bedroom decoration unless i can manage to find someone nearby enough (and competant enough) to help out with it.

Re: French Fried Moped

Oh girl, don't you dare give up! if ya really think that one's incapable, move to another one. This riding is all too FUN! Besides, you are more than capable! I know it!!


Re: French Fried Moped

i dont think its incapable. as far as i can tell, its at this point a matter of a few bolts and some wiring repairs and just starting the thing... i just think its gonna sit there. the curse of being single and unable to put a 4 yr old on the back of the thing... i'd be lucky to be able to ride it twice a month if my work schedule allows... i hate to see it go to waste.

i might just have to sell it to make ends meet anyhow, so i cant bear to work on it. i may just have to set my hopes on being able to find another one sometime in the future.

Re: French Fried Moped

I put my six year old on the back of mine.

I even had my older daughter on mine with me climbing steep hills, but that was on my '54 Allstate, and it's a 2 speed.

She was about 14 then.

Single, you're too much of a cool person to stay like that anyway, so in time, that'll change.

It does suck to bring the kid along though. My daughter LOVES it, but it bogs me down alot. And I don't have decent foot pegs. Once when she was 3 or 4, I almost tore all her toes off on one foot! She's fine though.


Re: French Fried Moped

oh gee thats encouraging! just kidding. i dont think it would be legal in any way to put him on the ped.

and i can only hope youre right bout the single thing

Re: French Fried Moped

A helmet.

Then I even cut out cardboard "guards" and plastic-tied them on, so she'd not lose any toes or a foot again. That was on my '54, too since it had some cobbled on foot-pegs when I bought it.

I could only wish I'm single half the time!

Too many temtations, and a wife that's almost impossible to plesae.

Who sickeningly may be pregnant. Huge weird crappy ordeal.... we'll see. Our house is already way too small!


Re: French Fried Moped

well that would explain the mood swings!

Re: French Fried Moped


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