convert to a cdi???

I just gotta say that I'm sick of monkeying with My 1977 angel and not riding it!!!! So, to remedy that i thought it would be in my best interest to convert it from a magneto to a cdi system. Has anyone done this? does anyone make a kit? could you recommend parts sources? that last one is really important as just about everyone I talk to has either not heard of angel mopeds or has never seen one. Anywho, if anyone has advice let me know.


Jack Skunk

Re: convert to a cdi???

what kind of motor does it have

1977 sells cdi's for minarelli v1's

Re: convert to a cdi???

I have no idea of the engine maker. only marks anyhwere on the thing are 11366... nothing. It looks very similar to a peugeot 102 enginge but I don't have enough familiarity to say for sure. i'll check out 1977. thanks,


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