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more questions.

i took the carb apart and cleaned it, and its running better now.

however, my chain somehow became very loose on a ride this morning, and i know nothing about tightening it. sorry if this is a dumb/frequently addresseed question--i did a few searches, but didnt understand enough to fix it, so i figured i'd ask. any help i can would be appreciated--im pretty much mechanically challenged and now that i'm not at school, i dont have my usual resource of moped boys to ask. if you could point me in a general direction, that'd be sweet.

thanks, sara.

Re: help v.2.0

Jason Luther /

loosen the nuts on either side of the rear wheel axle and just slide the wheel back and tighten them. some peds have little threaded tensioners that hold the axel in the right place, but either way you need to hold the wheel steady and straight when you tighten the nuts back down. it may be a little tricky, but its not beyond anyones means

Re: help v.2.0

awesome, thanks for the help!

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