Motobecane Clutch Removal

Alright, so I have really worn out pads on my clutch and I took off the cover and what not. I have a new clutch and want to replace it but I cant get the countersunken screws out with a regular driver. In the manual it says that I need an impact screwdriver but I cant find one that'll fit.(all the ones people have are for huge bolts and clutch bolts are small) does anyone have any experiance with mobylette clutch removal? do I really need an impact screwdriver? any help is apreciated

Re: Motobecane Clutch Removal

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

do you just have the clutch arms? i have taken them off without an impact driver. the screws were set with an awl so thier is a little piece of metal that was pushed over to hold them in place. put a scrwe driver bit into a socket and use a ratchet to break the screws free. after you put the new pads on use an awl to set the screws. it says how to do that in the manual.

Re: Motobecane Clutch Removal

Here is a photo montage in French that walks you through the whole process of disassembling your variator.

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You can use babelfish to translate the whole page, if you like.

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