How do I know which engine on Tomos..

I have a 1994 Tomos Sprint. The label on the frame says that it has an A3 engine, but the engine has "A5" on it.

Is it possible for an A3 bottom end to have an A5 top end? Or they don't go together?



Re: How do I know which engine on Tomos..

one is the engine and ones the transmission....anyhow, if it what i think it is...its the old style with the straight intake A3 is generally what you will use to find parts (unless you are looking for top end stuff..A5, but probably interchangeable with A35)

Re: How do I know which engine on Tomos..

The carburetor is mounted directly on the top of the engine, right under the gas tank. I don't see an intake manifold, seems to be directly mounted.

Which engine is the best? A3, A5, A35?

Any known problems with the A3?



Re: How do I know which engine on Tomos..

they are all pretty similar...clutches are not interchangeable, as are a few other tranny parts....not sure what kinda information you are looking for.... Each engine has some pros and some cons, do a bit of searching on the forum.

Re: How do I know which engine on Tomos..


Thanks for the information. I'm mostly trying to figure out exactly what I have on the moped, so I'd know what manual to download on My husband looked at them, and he couldn't discern which one is the right one.

I'm also trying to figure out which is the best engine Tomos made that will fit on the Sprint, because my husband wants to customize the moped. Currently, he is very happy with it, but it kind of soft siezes at top speed, and we're not sure what to do about that.

Also, there is "A5" stamped on the cooling fins on the head. But, the label on the frame said that it's an "A3". So, we're trying to figure out if the engine on it is the original, or if it was just another engine that was put on it.

We're very happy with our moped, we just are looking for information on it so that if it breaks down, it's already on hand.

Thanks again,


Re: How do I know which engine on Tomos..

Smitty Smith /

Maybe this will help you further determine which engine is actually in your Sprint.

The actual A3 (old style) engine is fairly hard to locate parts for anymore, although _some_ parts are still available for them.

The "A5" stamp on the cooling fin tells me that it is the A35 engine. The cylinder and head fins are much larger on the A35 than those of the A3. The A35 head also should have "TOMOS" horizontally across the top front.

Re: How do I know which engine on Tomos..


Thank you so much for the link, it's definitely an A35. It tells me that the engine on my Tomos isn't the original one. Are these an improvement over the A3's?


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