I Need Spark!

Alright, I am just trying to see if my suspisions are acurate. So this is how it goes, I was cruisin' along enjoying the ride and I was getting ready to pull over and take in a nice view when my maxi just died. So I checked what I could with what I had (gas, points, fuel lines,) I found nothing wrong there, So I brought it home and found that it was getting no spark. So I checked and replaced the plug; still no spark, so I ckecked my plug wire and its fine. All I can think of is that my coil went out. Does that seem about right or am I missing something. Thanks

Re: I Need Spark!

See Ya Moped Army /

Clean and adjust the points. The points could be out of adjustment, arced, or just worn out. The coil is the last thing I would suspect.

Re: I Need Spark!

Ben Van Zoest /

Who Cares

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