Puch Maxi cutout

I have a 76 puch maxi s. The problem its started to have is when i hold it to wide open throttle it cuts out. I held it wide open and waited a few sec. till it cutout and had my friend spray some wd40 down the carb and once he did that it picked right back up again. I've taken the carb apart and cleaned it out really well, tried adjusting the float but nothing seems to fix it. Its running really well except for the WOT cutout.

Re: Puch Maxi cutout

sounds like your a little bit lean. did you take the airbox off?

Re: Puch Maxi cutout

ya, I've tried running it with the air box off. Whould i try buying that car rebuild kit of 1977mopeds? also could i try running a bigger jet?

Re: Puch Maxi cutout

hello. i would check fuel valve . two screens inside tank on valve.2nd where gas goes into bing carb take apart . it is called inlet banjo. there is a very small screen inside, take it out and clean it. hope that helps

Re: Puch Maxi cutout

Ben Van Zoest /

Typical fuel delivery problem, jury rig a small can as gas tank directly onto the carburator, run it on the stand, you will at least illiminate the clogged tank filters and petcock. If it still acts up the problem is in the carburator, clogged jet pipe sounds like fuel starvation.

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