Still can't get the Minikid to run right

Hi, I am still having problems getting my 1978 Intramotor Gloria Minikid to run right. I can get it to idle great, but when go to give it gas it just "bogs". I can have the throttle wide open, and all that it does is only rev up slighty."Bogs". My gas is good, my plug is new, and my carb is clean so i know that a dirty carb and bad gas has nothing to do with it. I think that it could possibly be fuel starvation because my carb is leaking gas at a steady stream where the fuel comes into the carb. I plan to put some gasket cement on the leaking area, but i do not know why it is leaking there because it has not leaked at all in the past. Maybe my float is getting hung up? However It is free though when I take the carb apart. Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be. I also checked the plug and realized it was black.



P.S. I believe the carb is a Dellorto. I would also like to know the common jet setting for this carb.

Re: Still can't get the Minikid to run right

there are a lot of the basics that could be causing that to happen. also you may not be warming the engine up enough before you accelerate it. check out fred's guide under resources at the top of the page.

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