Puch 5 star mag problem

I am reassembling my puch 5 star mags, the front one is on the ped and spinning fine, but when I tighten down the rear wheel it doesnt want to spin freely. I think I have the spacers in incorrectly can anybody out there show me a pic of of the rear mag alxe is supposed to be setup?


Re: Puch 5 star mag problem

here it is


Re: Puch 5 star mag problem

see part 601105, sometimes if your put that on backwards your wheel wont spin....

also, take off drive chain and see if it spins. sometimes tightening bolts can tighten the chain a little bit. give it a shot.


Re: Puch 5 star mag problem

thanks, I'll give it a try. Where did you get that exploded view of the hub from?

Re: Puch 5 star mag problem

Ben Van Zoest /

Somehow one of the cones gets screwed in thighter whenever the outside nuts are fastened. Does the wheel spin freely un-installed. If so make sure you hold the cone backer nut after you thighten the outer nuts.

Re: Puch 5 star mag problem

all fixed thanks for the help!

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