hey guys. my malaguti commuter is running, but sluggish. sometimes it will start up, and then crap out once ive been giving it gas for a while. sometimes it will just start up and have no power. i have a feeling it's running lean, because if i cover up the holes on the airbox, it runs better. im new to this whole scene, so im not really sure what to do at this point. any suggestions for things i might not know to look for? thankssssss, sara.

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Perhaps a loose carburetor? Sounds like it could be an air leak somewhere on the intake.

Also make sure your exhaust is clear and not plugged up. If so, ya got to bon-fire it for an hour or so. I'd take it loose at the engine and look inside that pipe. How bad is the carbon build-up? If it's not too awful bad, try other things first.

You may also be jetted wrong. Do you have any foam in the airbox? You might need that as well. Does choking it make it run better?


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i cooked the exhaust two or three weeks ago, so i'm assuming that's not it. choking it makes it run better. foam in the airbox? im pretty sure it's not a loose carburetor, but i do think you are right about the air leak. i'm glad i wasn't guessing in the totally wrong direction.

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if it has a lot of miles on it, i would consider decarbonizing it. it may be overheating and pre-igniting. i hope i'm wrong.

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Definitely sounds like an air leak, check the tension on the carburetor, the manifold and the cylinder head. You may also want to clean the carb, replace the sparkplug and run the bike with super or premium fuel.

A trick on spotting where the leak is coming from: Buy a can of starting fluid and while the bike is running, give it a spray at the suspect area -if the engine races then thats where to look. If it runs steady, try elsewhere.



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Jason Luther /

have you tried cleaning your carb? your main jet could be clogged a little. too much air (air leak) or not enough gas )clogged jet) will give the same symptoms. just go over everything. start at the tank and see if fuel flows freely to the carb, and then clean the carb.

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