Express II rebuild

I have a 1980 Honda Express II. I found it in the back of an abandoned house. I need to know where I can go for parts. I know I will need to tear the motor down. I haven't started in yet but I am going to start this weekend. Thank you for your help.

Re: Express II rebuild

Leon Swarmer /

Don't be eager to tear the engine apart. You probably won't have to go that deep. .

see this

Read Fred's guide under resources then articles on this page

Then read Jax184's guide to garage sale expresses

(search for it here)

Re: Express II rebuild has quite a bit of OEM parts. On the website they call it a Honda NA50.

Re: Express II rebuild

I still can't find Jax184's guide.

Jax184's garage sale express guide

Leon Swarmer /
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