1978 Indian Moped Woes

I've rebuilt the carb. on this moped due to it leaking everywhere. Now after the rebuild it appears to only be getting fuel to the bottom of the carb. No fuel to the upper portion. I've rebuilt many carb.s but never had this issue? Anyone have any help or ideas?


Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

i have never seen an indian moped, nor do i have any knowledge of how it works in specific. but from what i know about many other mopeds, the piston sucks the fuel up the jet in the center of the carb. if your piston has good compression, then you should be able to take for granted that it is also sucking the fuel mixture into the cylinder. check the condition of the plug.

Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

Jordan Caughey /

I would make sure the jet is clean. I used to own a 1980 Indian and never had this problem or the leaking bowl either. I wish you luck on fixing this.

Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

could you explane a bit more about how far the fuel is getting? how do you know that you are not getting fuel where it is not getting to? what type of air filter do you have on it? what carburator do you have?

Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

Fuel is getting only to the bottom of the carb. only. Prior to that when I turned on the gas it leaked everywhere. Now the leak has stopped after using a rebuild kit. But not the carb. only gets fuel to the bottom section?

Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

clean out your jets then is really all that you can do, I don't have a float leavle for those, but I'm sure if you checked out EK's repair manul he posted a while back you should be able to find it, but if you have gas in the float bowl, but not getting to the jets, you might have a leak between the carb and the head, or you might have a hole in your air cleaner, these engines will not suck gas in if you don't have an air cleaner on.

this might sound dumb, but is your exuast valve sticking open? if your head is twisted just a little the compresion release will catch and keep it open just a hair.

Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

Allen Murphy /

It's a 4-stroke engine--don't think there's a compresion release on it.

Al Murphy

Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

Luke Evans /

the honda version has its fitted as standard, it a cable pulls a lever which in turns pushs the exhaust valve off its seat

Re: 1978 Indian Moped Woes

unless the 1978 Indian is differnt then the 1980 and 1981 that I worked on last summer, they do have a compression release, as luke said, it's a little leaver in the valve cover, and I did misspeeak, it's not the head that gets twisted causing the leaver to bind, but the valve cover gets twisted just a tiny bit causing the leaver to bind, so you need to keep a close eye on it as you tighten the two bolts that hold the valve cover on, and make sure that the leaver can return compleatly, it's easy to miss, and was a problem on both Indians I worked on.

of course you should be able to tell if this is the problem by taking the spark plug out, and seeing if it has high compression, or take the carburator off and see if it has good suction.

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