I have a 1977 Batavus VA. I recently had a very minor accident with it, in which I fell off, and the bike fell over. I now cannot get the moped started again. I am an extreme novice at repairing this. Is there anyone who can give me a few ideas of what could be wrong? It ran perfectly before. Thanks!

Re: Batavus

Eric, you should at least read through Fred's Guide ( click here ). It's geared more towards fixing a bike that you found in a barn or something, not repairing damage caused by trauma. The principles are the same, but because a specific event caused your bike to break, you can probably focus on a narrower range of problems. I haven't dumped my bike yet, so I'm not sure what kind of things typically go wrong.

Re: Batavus

Leon Swarmer /

look over your electrical connections and see if one fell off, then check you r fuel sopplu. you may have sloshed aroudn fuel i you rtank and stirred up gunk. it could block fuel.


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