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I'm putting all the pieces to the Balboa back together again but because I didn't label as I disassembled everything I am confused as to the intented placement of 4 bolts, one spring, washer, and hook. Can someone please post a pic of the lower right side of their Sachs engine where the pedal connectes with the brake line?

Thank you

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Ben Van Zoest /

Goto 'mopedriders' there is a manual I think.

Re: Sachs parts

yeah i checked there this morning and they posted a pic and explanation of everything except what's on the right side of the bike, the side I need to see. that's why i decided to post up here

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Re: Sachs parts

i use a camcorder whenever i do just about any job that i'm doing for the first time.

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yo, let me know the hook, washer, and nuts you are talking about and i'll try to describe it to you. I wish I could post a picture, I just dont have a camera. Should be easy enough though.


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thanks anyway i just figured it out yesterday

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