motobecane variator

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alrighty..i got my new motobecane and the acceleration is kinda slow....seems like the variator shifts to soon....anyway of fixing this...or another way to gain better acceleration.

does the dellorto 14/14 carb fit on a 40v?

Re: motobecane variator

roadent$ craig /

oh ps.....i forget....what does which

smaller rear sprocket = better acceleration or top speed?

Re: motobecane variator

smaller rear sprocket = faster top speed

larger front sprocket = faster top speed too.

whenever I think of gearing, I remember riding a bike with alot of speeds, and watching the chain jump to the next sprocket

I have heard that removing a ball from the variator makes it shift later, I have not tried it. it is very hard to remove them. The cheek nut is always wicked tight.

you also need a pretty specific set of circlip pliers to get the clips out without ruining them.

Re: motobecane variator

Craigery, I put a 14/14 on my 50V (same engine setup, I think) and it has been a headache. I bought a bent intake to replace my smaller, straight intake, because it was the right diameter (19mm); but it put the carb in a place where it strikes the frame when the variator is pulling. So, I had to make an additional manifold piece. I would have stuck with the Gurtner, but it was leaking everywhere possible.

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