05 Tomos Thottle

My 05 Targa LX throttle went out while riding. The cable came lose but I don't know where?

Re: 05 Tomos Thottle

Any Suggestions

Re: 05 Tomos Thottle

I mean this in the nicest way, but, have you tried looking at the cable? It connects at two places; the throttle and the carb. Find which one is dislodged and fix it. Either side is easy to attach again.

Re: 05 Tomos Thottle

steveintoronto /

...and if it's neither, then it's snapped and needs replacing

Re: 05 Tomos Thottle

if its broken halfway inside the cable, do what i did for a while... i rode with one hand on the handlebars and one holding the cable in my hand. very fun and hairy at high speeds. feels like your riding with a rope.

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