Crazy problem. elimated everything.

Ok so my bike just stopped running while i was riding to work. I cant get it to start.

I have:

65cc Polini

15mm bing


Tecno Estoril

When i try to start it, it frikkin backfires. I have checked my timing and point gap, checked for gas flow, checked for spark, checked my cylinder and piston. I dont know what else do to. could it have anything to do with the actual engine itself?

I was under the impression that timing or a clogged exhaust causes backfiring. however i have a brand new exhaust and have mad sure my timing is accurate.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

Perhaps a bare wire shorting or a loose connection?

How about your condenser?

Just sounds electrical to me.

Also it the points are pitted or dirty with oil blowby from a bad seak this will cause inconsistent spark.

Used points get a larger gap setting than new.

If the crank has wobble from bad bearing it can bump the points cam lobe iradically causing backfire and if the seals shot it may not start.

Food for thought.


Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

hmmm sounds like i need to take a more in depth look at my electrical. im almost positive its not a short in the wiring though. i have a very simple wiring set up right now. just yellow to yellow. blue to blue and everything else is grounded.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

how about more clues.. what exactly happened.

you check compression? did you blow a head gasket or something?

if it happened suddenly my guess is something broke.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

my mower tends to backfire when the plug is dirty or the plug gap is off. It also burns so much oil that I have to clean the plug every time it runs out of gas! I would say it could be carbon build-up, but you said you checked the cylinder, etc. Often times, the carbon gets hot enough to ignite the charge prematurely, and it causes the engine to backfire. Carbeuration maybe? I don't know man.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

it just stopped working and i think, THINK the headlight blew out just before it died.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

check that wire that bolts to the points themselves. mine came loose and just quit running, totally. It was all that little wire on the strator came loose.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

You could test the headlight with a car battery. (if it's 12 volt) or a lantern batter if it's 6 volt.


Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

steveintoronto /

doesn't the bulb on some peds complete the circuit? ie. no bulb = no spark

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

good guess but not on a puch. not to mention my wiring is totally simplified.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

harold you need the exorcist that i needed a few weeks ago. hack off you stator plate and thoroughly examine everything. try variations on plug, plug gap, point gap. ensure the nublet on the points that makes them open and close isn't worn too small. redo ignition wiring. it's a puch, i mean really.....ha. no... exorcists are sometimes needed. mcbain probably knows one or is one.

Try a different condensor

It could be your condensor. Does your moped start up at all?

Re: Try a different condensor

it started once. erratically. when i hit the throttle it went crazy, then it died and i havent been able to start it again. seriously it is a demon bike. I have been busy with all these new puchs we have been getting in and have made it sit in the corner and think about what it has done.

i will give it a spanking soon.

Re: Crazy problem. elimated everything.

steveintoronto /

just ignore the bike for a few days. it will know what it's done bad.

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