Puch: Metal shavings, now what?

My Pinto (puch e50 engine) has been making disturbing noises lately (pinging, clattering etc), and yesterday I found the dreaded tiny metal flecks in the transmission fluid. So it seems to me that the bottom end is shot, or at least in need of some serious repair. I think this was a preexisting condition, as the ped had a lot of miles on it and a transmission fluid leak when I bought it.

So, I'm weighing my options. It runs well and has a good top end and I've put a fair amount of time and money into it, so I hate to give up on it. I don't want to spend the warm weather months rebuilding it, so it seems that my options are to pay someone to rebuild the bottom end or find a good used engine.

Anyone care to offer advice or opinions on which is my best bet and how much it's likely to cost to have it rebuilt? Any other ideas?

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I live in kalamazoo. Total cost to repair an engine as far as rebuilding with new seals and bearings is about $70, and takes me about 2 hours.

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Hmmm. I may be in Kalamazoo this weekend, so that's a possibility. Do you have the parts? I think it may need a wrist pin bushing too...

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the metal shavings in the oil might indicate that your clutch is thrashed, like mine. All you'd need is a new clutch (like $60-$70) and it should run like new. I'm getting mine re-lined by a friend. Much cheaper I imagine. Check it out. Take the tranny cover off, and look around. If there's shavings, it'll be obvious what's wrong.

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Chad you work for cheap!

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I had shavings in my puch e50, but it turned out someone had redrilled the hole for the kickstand out, and broke through the case. Luckily everything else was fine, but there sure were a lot of chunks in there (but no oil)

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Maybe I should take a look at the clutch, but I'm guessing that it's an engine issue based on the symptoms, and based on the fact that the engine makes the same scary noises and is really loud, whether the bike is idling or moving. Here's the story.

The bike makes several expensive-sounding noises: intermittent pinging from the cylinder, clattering from further down whether at idle or cruising.

Bike had about 7000 miles and no tranny fluid in it when I bought it (the case leaked). Fixed the leak, filled it up, rode it, drained it again and the fluid was an ominous gray color. I filled it again rode it several times since. The fluid is much cleaner now, but has some sparkly metal flecks in it, which I'm guessing are new.

Cylinder bore, piston and rings all look good, engine runs well except for the noises.

Ideas? Opinions? I'd like to spend the warm weather riding, not fixing.

Chad, if you have access to the parts and are interested in taking a look at it, send me an email.

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Where was the leak from? How did you fix it?

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The clutch cover wasn't on tight enough. Took it off, cleaned the screws and holes, put it back on, no more leak.

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