Bat help? Lots of smoke, four stroking fouled plug

Hi folks.

For your troubleshooting advice I offer you this sick dog:

1978 Batavus Regency

800 miles on the speedo

gently ridden.

Runs very rough.

Lots of white smoke.

Lots of oil being spit out of the tailpipe.

20 mph top speed.

Must full throttle to keep from dying.

This is what I've done

Cleaned carb through everything twice.

New gas mix.

New spark plug.

Removed pipe and checked for build up. Looks new and nice inside.

Removed head and checked for un even wear/ scratches. Clean and nice.

Found oil seeping out from the exaust port. Tightened it up.

Your thoughts my Moped friends?

I'd like to get your ideas. They are always helpful.


Re: Bat help? Lots of smoke, four stroking fouled

yeah.. it would seems like there's a lot of intermittant misfiring.. the unburned fuel and oil ends up in the hot muffler where it drips or cooks away.

Since a new plug didnt fix it you might take a closer look at the ignition. Clean the point contacts. Check ignition components for loose hold-down nuts or wire connections. A less than perfect ground connection anywhere in the circuit can do it.

One big clue that would help narrow down the possibilities is if this problem appeared all of a sudden or gradually..

Re: Bat help? Lots of smoke, four stroking fouled

Could be too large of a jet. Or the choke stuck closed?

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