Will a 2.5/17 tire fit on a maxi?

i one time tried a 2.75 tire on the rear and there were major rubbing issues and did not fit at all and rubbed on the swing arm and fender, any drawbacks to this? thanks

Re: Will a 2.5/17 tire fit on a maxi?

Other than the tire's sidewall melting, disintegrating and getting wrapped around the wheel at 30 mph, sending you first into the pavement and afterwards into a hospital, i see no potential drawbacks.

Besides.. maybe you'll get a pretty, sexy nurse.

i guess you meant 2.5 drawbacks.

the drawbacks to a wider tire are few .. Bigger tire footprint so there's more road friction to overcome (but better traction on softer surfaces).

More tire weight, which requires more engine power just to spin it around..

"HERE":http://www.4x4abc.com/ML320/ml320_large_tires.html is a list of positives and negatives to bigger tires.

but just use whatever fits ;)

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