commuter tranny fluid

I have a columbia commuter, not sure of the year but i think it is a 1980, and it is not running correctly. it turns over fine but when i open the throttle it doesnt rev up at all. the only way i can get the engine to rev is by pedaling while i have the throttel wide open and then it kind of goes, but when i let off the throttle it dies. i opened up the tranny drain screw and it was empty. i was wondering if all i had to do was fill up the tranny fluid and my engine would open up? by the way its a sachs engine. any ideas?????? thanks

Re: commuter tranny fluid

Re: commuter tranny fluid

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

let me know how that comes along. may be getting an 80. i have a sachs but it's with a sibling a few hundred miles away so i can't see what else you may need to do. you may want to contact mike bartell, he's a sachs guy and could likely walk you through it.

Re: commuter tranny fluid

Jason Luther /

type f trans fluid

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