Replacing brakes on QT50

How difficult is it to replace the brake pads on a qt50. I am still learning alot when it comes to moped repair, and am just wondering how much of a task its going to be. Anyone ever done it?

Re: Replacing brakes on QT50

Mike Monigold /

I also have a QT-50 that probably needs brakes but I haven't done it yet.

However, I DO have the repair manual that I downloaded from and it's covered very well in the manual.

Re: Replacing brakes on QT50

yeah i saw the manual there, and it didnt seem tooo difficult but i was hopin for someone with experience with it.

Re: Replacing brakes on QT50

Rear is easy, the front a little harder , not bad though. Had to tapper the end on the new shoes a little.

Re: Replacing brakes on QT50

Cool, thanks for the info.

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