Puch cateye turn signal help

I purchased a cateye system for my 1977 Puch Maxi. They work for a bit of course until the battery pack needs to be charge for a bit. The latest problem was my headlight shutoff and wouldn't come on until I pulled the wire going to the signals. Any help in getting these hooked up correctly would be great. Thanks!!!

Re: Puch cateye turn signal help

I just pulled one of those off my Grande.

I'm not completely familiar with your moped setup, but I can probably help you.

Is the Cateye system completely independent from the moped, or did you tap into some of the wiring that was already on the bike?

Try to post some pics.

Re: Puch cateye turn signal help

Thanks Adam. The system is separate and you tap into the wiring block off of the magneto - where everything else is wired from. That lead charges a 6 volt pack that powers the lights. It will work a few times after riding a bit, but then I lose power to the headlight and it won't come back on until I disconnect that lead. I am going on another run right now to see what happens this time.

Re: Puch cateye turn signal help

I couldn't find a diagram for your 77 but look at this one and tell me which wire you have tapped into to power your battery pack.


Re: Puch cateye turn signal help

I used the yellow wire coming off the block, which per the diagram I have is for the horn - but some diagrams show the light comes off of this as well

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