Oh my god I rode it.

and then it died a mile away from my house. I'm talking about my 78 Sparta that I have been working on for many many months. Today was the first time it started and stayed running for a while. When I first got on it ran well and did so for about a mile. Then there was a serious loss of power in acceleration, it seemed really bogged down. Eventually it would barely go and started making some unpleasant noises. It finally cut off. When I tried to start it again it felt like the cluth was slipping a bit (or wouldn't catch) and then it would start and backfire and then die. Any ideas on what's happening? I know this is all pretty vague but it's the best I can explain it. I put a new condensor in it today so I know that's not it and the timing ad points are perfect (electronically tested in richmond.) Please help me?

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Does it still have good compression?


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don't know, I'm gonna have to get a tester. would it loose compression by something wiggling loose?

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no but if you broke your rings it would. you dont need a compression tester just to see if something is wrong. put your thumb over the sparkplug hole and turn the engine. if the air just squeaks by your skin you have a problem. it should pop your thumb off the hole.

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do rings commonly break? I just installed them in richmond....also I got on a pedaled for a second just now and it sounded not to good like the picton was scraping in the cylinder. i'm horrified.

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Luckily on an air cooled machine a top end replacement is not very difficult. Finding the parts may be more of a problem. Before doing anything you want to figure out what has caused this to happen. Do you premix oil? Has the injector failed? Was there a significant ammount of crab built up in the gas tank? How do the fuel filters, if any, look? The worst thing you could do is fix it and have something like this happen all over again.

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i like those low bars. sorry its broke.


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Try changing the condensor, if the moped will run fine if it's cold that is.

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i have never had a ring break before, but i have had a wrist pin clip come out of the seat before. the moped immediately quit running and i needed a new piston and cylinder. relatively easy job, just very expensive.

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Does this have points or an electronic ignition system... my moped did this when the flywheel was slipping (magneeto) cause that little pin had fallen out.

Re: Oh my god I rode it.

See the above post with this phrase,

". . . Was there a significant amount of crab built up in the gas tank? . . ."

You really have to look out for the buildup of sea life in your gas tank. I had barnacles in my gas tank once and that was a big problem.

Just kidding. I have been known to mistype a word now and then.

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