78 Motobecane Carb Trouble

I just picked up a 78 motobecane 50v, and am having some carburateur trouble with it. there are two inlet nipples on top of the carb, ones for fuel going in from the tank. whats the other one for! I can't find any extra lines hanging.

Re: 78 Motobecane Carb Trouble

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

it doesnt take a line. just the one that is on the side gets a line. oh gurtner how i love thee.

Re: 78 Motobecane Carb Trouble

So what are the two nipples on top then?

Re: 78 Motobecane Carb Trouble

ok I just took a look at it...

let me rephrase.. looking at it from the right side of the bike. The nipple that comes out from the top right and shoots up is for fuel correct? If so what is the nipple that comes up from the top center?

Re: 78 Motobecane Carb Trouble

That is the overflow outlet for the float bowl. Leave it open as it is.

Other carburetors vent their float chambers into the airfilter, so it's less noticible.

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