stiff/rusty shocks

The rear shocks on my Vespa Grande are rusty and stiff, and for the life of me I cant disassemble them to clean the parts behind the springs. Does anyone know how to get them apart or clean back there another way?



grande shocks replace

I'm dealing w/ the same prob.rusty and stiff,Where can you get them?They just have to kinda match the ones that are on there,right?

Re: grande shocks replace

hose them down with wd40 empty like a whole can on them where you think the problem is

grande shocks replace

Hanky B /
hank OP

I actually got cheap replacements at the "guerilla rides" ebay store for $20 plus shipping. They are a little longer so I needed to adjust my centerstand with bolts on the bottom, but other than that it was totally worth 20 bucks.


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