Leaking gas from where?!

Peter Nilges /

It just got super nice out in Chicago and I happily put in some new tires and a fresh tank of gas. Everything is going well until it's parked and then drip drip drip it's leaking gas all over the sidewalk. Not too fast, but not too slow either; maybe a drop or two every five seconds. It stopped over night, almost as if it was the direct sunlight and heat that made it start. Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it.

Re: Leaking gas from where?!

Most likely a stuck/sticking float or stuck float needle, clean it with carb cleaner and make sure it moves up and down freely.


Re: Leaking gas from where?!

Leon Swarmer /

or it could be a crack in a fuel line or a leak at the petcock.

Does it make a difference if the petcock in changed?

Re: Leaking gas from where?!

it's always a good precaution to install an in-line fuel valve and use it every time you are done riding. you never know, it could be leaking while you're riding, you just don't know it.

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