Throttle cable

I was reassembling my throttle yesterday. and I cant screw in the screw that holds down the cable I attached some pics

does n e one know if Im missing a piece, btw I have a targa LX


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That diddnt work.....

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Re: Throttle cable

It is a very annoying process. I recently replaced my throttle cable too. Be sure that your throttle assembely is put together right first, then very carefully (as not to fray the end of the cable) feel for the hole opening with the cable end. If you do this slowly and gently it won't fray and you'll get it eventually.

From your attached pics (none) I can only guess that's your problem. If you are missing a screw, a replacement can probably be found in a random screw jar (everyone has one).

Re: Throttle cable

John Joedicke /

Solder the ends so they won't fray

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