Maxi ZA50 Tranny

When cruizing in second gear, i hear a rattling coming from the transmission... I'm wondering if the tranny main-shaft bearings are shot.

I know i need a new 1st speed clutch, however I havent got around to getting one.

Does anyone know where to pick up a bearing kit and a clutch? Is MopedJunkyard my only hope?



Re: Maxi ZA50 Tranny

i have an almost comlpete bottom end(ZA50) the only thing missing is the magneto and flywheel but otherwise it is greaat only about 400 mile on the last tranny rebuild and was removed from my moped becuae i pup a kitted 1 speed on it



Re: Maxi ZA50 Tranny

How much do you want for it?!?!

Feel free to e-mail me any info at !



Re: Maxi ZA50 Tranny

e mail sent

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