Engine Idle Speed Problems

Today I pieced together an engine out of parts I had sitting in my garage. It consists of a za50 bottom end, 60cc eurocilindro top end, 17mm amal carb, biturbo exhaust. Since these parts were just sitting in my garage they are all in a bit questionable condition, but they all should work. The problem I am experiencing is my Idle speed is much too high. The carb is dirty but it was starting to rain and I wanted to go inside so I just cleaned the jet and kicked the bike over to see if it would run. My best guess is that my slide is not sitting properly at idle? I unscrewed the idle screw as far out as it would go and checked the throttle to make sure there is enough slack. Tomorrow I am going to clean the carb properly and hopefully that will fix the problem. But, does anyone have any other ideas, while I have everything apart? Thanks.

Re: Engine Idle Speed Problems

could be sucking air past the crank seals

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