Possible electrical issue on kitted Puch?

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I was riding along on my '78 Maxi today, it's currently running a 70cc Airsal, a pipe, and an upjetted stock carb. Well, the rubber fitting on my LeoVince pipe was coming loose, so I stopped to fasten it, and when I killed the engine, as it died, there was a "pop" noise. It wasn't extremely loud. I thought nothing of it, but then when I tried to start up to get back on the road, it wouldn't even turn over. This pretty much narrowed it down to an electrical issue, because the piston was still moving up and down; there wasn't a seize. I thought the plug was fouled, but it was pulled and replaced, to no avail. Did my coil go bad, or what? I don't have access to the garage right now but I need an outside opinion.

Re: Possible electrical issue on kitted Puch?

it sounds electrical .. start with ignition timing.. check the flywheel and points.. mke sure everything is ok.

then move on to mechanical .. head gasket .. or some other cause for a massive compression leakage.

i dont see a relationship between the pop sound and the trouble, other than the pop was a backfire, a symptom of incorrect timing.. i think that whatever the trouble, it has been around for a while and was getting worse..

a leaking pipe can easily lean the mixture .. the pipe sucks in air through a crack or leak and then pushes that air into the cylinder.. it's always best to take care of that sorta stuff immediately if not sooner.

Re: Possible electrical issue on kitted Puch?

if the pop you heard was a back fire you could have blown a bearing/oil seal. with a blown seal you could loose crankcase pressure.


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