wiring diagram for chappy

i have a 78 yamaha chappy and i desperately need a wiring diagram. i think i'm just going to rip out all the wires and start from scratch.

Re: wiring diagram for chappy

check out the QT50 Shop Manuals on THIS page .. Yamaha likes to do things a certain way .. i doubt wiring will be radically different on 2 similar mopeds .. although i dunno if one bike has a battery and one doesn't .. that would matter a lot.

they are kinda big downloads.. get the last volume.. Yamaha QT50 Shop Manual Part 4(PDF) ..

wiring diagrams are near the end.

Re: wiring diagram for chappy

well, the problem here is mine does have a battery. so.... i think i need a diagram for a chappy.

is there not one anywhere on the net????

Re: wiring diagram for chappy

well.. i see in the manual that the QT50 has a 6 volt battery .. and CDI.

i've heard this struggle for a chappy manual before..

search this forum for 'chappy'.. all dates, subject and message bodies.. see what pops up

Here you go buddy

Have fun

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