Spoked rims and tire tubes?

Okay, y'know how on the inside of spoked rims, they've got the little hub end thing that the spoke screws into, and there are a whole bunch of little nuts there? What do you do to stop the nuts from pinching tubes and screwing you? Anything? I was thinking of covering each of the nuts in a bit of Shoe Goo , since it saves my skate shoes all the time I figured it could save my tire tubes. Otherwise, should I get like, one of those rubber/kevlar/whatever rings that go inside BMX rims to separate the rim from the tube? I'm not sure if I even need to do anything, and I'm sorry for the kind of stupid question, I've just never worked with spoked rims before. Thanks a bunch guys/gals!

Re: Spoked rims and tire tubes?

yea u can use those rubber things on the inside of the bmx rims, if anything put two of them on and it will work pretty well


Re: Spoked rims and tire tubes?

Rim strips are the proper name for them basicly uniterupted rubber strips to form a circle you strech it over the ri to cover the spoke ends i wouldn't use the kevlar things as they are not connected and aspoke could end up trough the splitI have a bunch i'll send you one if you want. It's for a17 inch puch rim right.Jim

Re: Spoked rims and tire tubes?

duct tape

Re: Spoked rims and tire tubes?

hehe .. i've used electrical tape .. a few layers is enough.

but the best alternate to a real rubber rim strip is just cut your own from a child's bike's innertube .. use scissors.. punch one hole for the tire stem.

Re: Spoked rims and tire tubes?

Thanks everybody, I'll probably pick these up tomorrow someplace... MAN, I'm so excited to be running again!

Basically, at the height of last season, my brakes gave out on my Grimeca mag rims... y'know, the snowflake lookin' ones for Puchs that I COULDN'T FIND NEW SHOES FOR ANYWHERE?! So, I thought I eventually found some, went through a whole huge ordeal with getting them sent to me, then they ended up being the wrong ones. Bummer. Haha, after looking for like, 2 months for the right ones to no avail, while having the wrong ones, I decided, "Eh, it's fall now anyway and I'm sort of broke, I GUESS I'll just wait until springtime and get them before riding season."

Finally, I remembered that I had this set of spoked rims on a parts bike I had long ago stored away in a friend's garage, and took the rims off it, changed the brakes, and am now FINALLY getting ready to switch tires/tubes so I can start enjoying this season!

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