Replacing the Magneto on a puegot?

Ok so i have a puegot that has problems. It sparks and it has gas flow but it doesnt run well. If you pedal the crap out of it you can get it to run but once the RPMS drop the engine dies.

When checking for spark, i knowticed that you have to pedal for a good 2-3 seconds really hard before the plug will spark. Once it sparks, it sparks brightly and blue but the minute you stop pedaling the spark vanishes. its like it only works when the magneto is spinning really hard.

I have cleaned the points, messed with the timing, adjusted the point gap, checked for electrical leaks in the dark, and just about everything else i can think of.

Now, the bike that has this problem, i would like to sell. I dont have time to fix the problem because i know it is serious. It would be a better business decision to just replace whatever is broken with something from a parts pile or parts bike.

what do i need to replace to be certain? points, condensor, stator plate and magneto right? this shouldn't be too hard i assume. A lot easier than trying to fix whats wrong.

What do i need to get? any help would be much appreciated.

Re: Replacing the Magneto on a puegot?

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

Harold, is this a 103 or 102? I had mine at Richmond and had a similar problem that we thought was throttle related but it leans more to what you have. I wound up riding Mark's Cricket and then Amy's Malagutti because of these shenanigans.

Oh, mine is a 1980 102SPU3.


Re: Replacing the Magneto on a puegot?

this is a 1977 103. it has nothing to do with gas at all. it is completely electrical i am sure of that.

Re: Replacing the Magneto on a puegot?

If it is a Peugeot with the older 2 coil magneeto and no external coil, then it is most likely the condensor. Only problem is that replacing the condensor sometimes only helps for a few hours worth of riding.

That iginition system is just BAD. I have a 103 that did that to 4 condensors. Ask Myron at he knows all about the Peugeot and that symptom. He even figured out how mod the coil (unwrapping the coil strand so many turns) to get rid of that problem.

Lucky for me I had an extra later model magneeto (5 coil w/external coil).

Re: Replacing the Magneto on a puegot?

Ok so i talked to Shawn from myrons and here is what i think i understand.

He told me to....

Put at Piston at TDC Find top and put mark on the flywheel . find the mark on the crankcase, it is a rubber point. Set the flywheel so the mark on the flywheel is 1 inch ahead of the rubber point.

Cut the black wire coming from the magneto and ground it, which cuts out all external power.

He said if that doesnt fix it then yeah, i have a big problem.

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