Motobecane lights not working


1979 12v that runs fine but lights do not work. What would be the most common reason? Would it be the coil? A loose wire? Everything else works, just not the head lamp or taillight.



Re: Motobecane lights not working

usually the bulbs are burnt out? when one goes the extra current over powers the others and then they burn out.

Re: Motobecane lights not working

The lights never worked when I bought the bike, but it runs really well. I replaced the headlamp with a new one, and never got it to light up. I do not know if it is a loose ground wire or something, or a fault switch on the headlamp. The wiring looks okay.

Re: Motobecane lights not working

stick a volt meter on the headlight socket's leads.. run the engine.. headlamp switch 'on' .. if you got no voltage a wire is broken or disconnected somewhere down the line.. my guess is the fault is in a central location and affects more than the headlight.

hopefully the magneto's lighting coil is ok .. check that too... for coil continuity and/or for voltage off it's main output wires.

Re: Motobecane lights not working

the switch on top of the headlamp is often faulty.

Check the connection block down by the engine, infact just remove it, and replace it with a new one. (radio shack)

Check voltage with a multimeter, start at the magnetto, and workyour way up to the headlamp. I have a crapload of extra coils and such if you need one

Re: Motobecane lights not working

See Ya Moped Army /

If the switch is good, I would suspect a bad lighting magneto. They are easy to replace.

Re: Motobecane lights not working

The brake light works...but no head lamp or rear tail light....

Re: Motobecane lights not working

i know nothing about the motobecanes..

but one of a magneto's internal coils is usually tapped .. that is, somewhere near the middle of the coil of wire, they attach another wire.

Since the number of turns of wire in a coil determines voltage output, a single tapped coil can output many voltages simultaneously. These "taps" then power devices that require different voltages. So, one section of a tapped coil could be shorted / burned out, while the other sections are OK.

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