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I have two 1991 suzuki fa 50's. Unfortunatly they don't have gas gauges. Does anybody know exactly how much gas they hold and miles per gallon?



fuel tank gauge

can't help you with the numbers..

but yeah.. for some reason mopeds don't have gas gauges .. In my experience, no matter how much fuel a tank holds and no matter the mpg, and no matter how good one's memory (oops.. i been on Reserve for 2 freakin days!!) yer sure to run out of gas a few times..

so i made one for my bike .. a transparant Tygon fuel tube runs up the side of the tank as a "Sight gauge".

"HERE":https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/7/3750/2955/ is the thread outlining my struggle.. incase you care to invent one to suit your own bike.

Re: fuel tank gauge

you can also buy stick on thermometor like things for kegs that tell you the leavle, as the fuel is cooler then the air, you can kind of feel the feel leavle by putting your hand on the tank and moving up and down till you feel the coolness of the fuel.

most people simply use reserve, most vehicles reserve is enough for 20+ miles, so you drive till you run out, then switch to reserve, and fill up as soon as you can, in doing this figure out what your gas mileage is for your vehicle, with someone of your weight, and driving style, as it will varry from what everyone else gets.

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