Leaking Puch Gearbox

The gear box on my puch maxi II leaks gear oil. It is right along the seamwhere it meets the motor. It leaks out of the thing on the right side that has the puch logo on it and is near the pedal. It leaks where that thing bolts to the engine. Im wondering how I should fix this. I dont have too much oil in it. It's a 2 speed. If you arent sure what part im talking about, ill take pics. thanks

Re: Leaking Puch Gearbox

See Ya Moped Army /

Replace the tranny cover gasket.

Re: Leaking Puch Gearbox

Link to where I can get this?

Re: Leaking Puch Gearbox

1977mopeds.com has a complete engine gasket kit for only 10 dollars. thats where i get mine.

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