deristriction fa50

Hello, does anybody know how to derestrict a 1991 suzuki fa50? I bought a pair of them and they both top out at 26 mph. I went for a long ride yesterday and to my surprise my bike started to go about 35 mph. My bike is begging me to let him realize his full potential. If you have a quick easy fix please respond.



Re: deristriction fa50

I've heard of these getting to 40 MPH with mod's, but none of mine ever did. 35 is pretty good. You could replace the 'muffler box' exhaust with a pipe, and replace to airbox with a newer style filter somehow too. Advancing your timing would help too.

Re: deristriction fa50

your moped probably can't breathe. try removing the muffler and air cleaner for diagnosis purposes. those mufflers can't be disassembled. i always drill holes in them. also, keep an eye on the spark plug and keep it clean. don't let that moped sit. it should easily do over 30.

Re: deristriction fa50

Thanks for the tip Rob, I think I'll try that.

Re: deristriction fa50

Thanks for replying, do you know exactly where I should start drilling? Sounds like a pretty cheap way to get a little more out of my fa50.

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