79 mobylette need help Richmond

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I have a 1979 motobecane mobylette. It starts kinda sorta sometimes. It will normally at least cough and sputter. I think there is something wrong with the timing of the spark. I am wondering if anyone in the Richmond area could fix it. I would be willing to pay.

Re: 79 mobylette need help Richmond

I was a dealer for Mobylette from 1974 to 1980 here in Canada. From 1975 to 1977 all the mobylettes were actually only 1975 models. In 1979 I did get some new 1979 models. The 79s were blue with mag wheels. All the others were yellow or orange or the cheap ones blue or silver with bicycle front forks. The ignition on all models is not exactly the same but close enough. The motor is completly insulated electrictly so it needs a ground strap from the motor to the ign coil. This small bare flexible wire breaks. The sparkplug cap has a special 5000 ohm resister inside (same as all other bikes) (but not cars) and we used to have a lot of trouble, just change it. Another problem is that sparkplugs for cars come pre gapped, but no matter what the salesman/dealer told you plugs for motorbikes are not properly gapped and mopeds have pretty cheap ign systems so the proper gap is only about .018" to .025" ( .3 to .6mm) If you have broken the brake light switch and the light switch or do not have a tail light bulb you might not have ignition because these are used to ground part of the coil. (I know it sounds stupid but its true) Good luck

Re: 79 mobylette need help Richmond


or if one of them see this post they should contact you.

Re: 79 mobylette need help Richmond

a hells satans responding - nothing much to add to Eldon's post except to pull your plug and check spark and to verify that the plug is wet (with gas) if spark is good. If you are getting spark and gas to the cylinder then it's time to start looking at the top end of the engine.

It is easy to foul a plug in a two stroke engine. Anytime I make a change to my carb or engine I'll foul a couple of plugs getting it right. You should replace it with a NGK B6HS (although a B5 or a B7 or champion equivelent will work) and keep the gap low.

I'm no expert on Motobecanes, but anyone will tell you I am the Garelli expert around here. A few of us rent space in a warehouse past the Lion Mart on Chamberlayne north of US 95. Any of us would be happy to help and Lee can fix anything for loot.

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