honda clutch help!!

ok ive got a 1966 honda ca100 (early c50 ) and after spending 5 hours drilling out the engine casing nuts i discovered that the clutch is covered by a large cover stopping me gaining access to the clutch plates, i need to lock the gearbox up so i can get a turn on the nut inside to release it. whats the best way to lock the gearbox up

Re: honda clutch help!!

i dunno.. try a copper penny jammed into the gears. Why don't you buy a MANUAL

sounds like you're headed for even deeper water..

Re: honda clutch help!!

Release the gear drum, and put the gear box in two gears at the same time.

grz Thijs

Re: honda clutch help!!

Put it in 4th gear and have someone step on the rear brake while you wrench on the nut.

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