copper gaskets..

has anyone ever used copper flashing for making gaskets ??

is it too thin?



Re: copper gaskets..

copper is great stuff for gaskets .. it's soft but tough and heat resistant.

flashing too thin?

It depends on the thickness of the gasket that your new gasket is replacing. Whatever the gasket material used, try to closely match thicknesses where thickness really matters, like with a head or base gasket.

Head gasket thickness partly determines compression ratio.

Cylinder base gasket thickness does that too.. plus it affects port timing.. also critical piston-to-head clearance..

be safe and use the same thickness as the original gasket.

Re: copper gaskets..

thank you.

Re: copper gaskets..

you're welcomed .. shop around big hardware stores.. fairly small pieces of sheet copper in different gauges are found in all sorts of strange places... that almost rhymed.

Re: copper gaskets..

Leon Swarmer /

craft stores have them too.


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