Tomos 2001 No spark NEED HELP!!!

OK so I know the only wires coming out of the CDI are yellow and Black. the black goes directly into the wiring harness to the on off switch and the yellow goes to the rest of the lighting system but as for brown grounding wires the only ones I found were on the voltage reg. and the Coil (through bolts on the coil).

If the rest of the wires have to be hooked up to allow the bike to run witch ones or if all can you give me a walk through on how they hook up to the bike. Unfortunately I unhooked all the wires and may not have hooked them up properly.

As for testing goes I do have a voltage and continuedy tester and the plug the plug wire and the coil are producing power Around 12v (Black wire) Ummm the voltage regulater is the green box right, well the wires may not be connected right to it can you help me there?

Really need help here guys!


Re: Tomos 2001 No spark NEED HELP!!!

The voltage regulator is for the lights, the bike will run with the yellow wire disconnected.

Re: Tomos 2001 No spark NEED HELP!!!

Hook the black wire comming out of the engine directly to the red wire on the coil. You then bypass the killswitch, and you can narrow your problem.

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