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i'm trying to get a little more speed out of a 2cycle 50cc engine. the bike manual states 30-35mph as top speed. after about 22mph the engine starts producing high frequency vibrations.

any pointers? is is just a worn engine? would increasing the oil mix help? (mini is a '72 suzuki trailhopper, (MT50J) with a 3 speed centrifugal transmission and oil pump.)

Re: engine output

Big T Big T /

i suggest u get an a35 they are pushin big hps and also i suggest a team tomas 28 tooth

Re: engine output

Jason Luther /

try to see if the vibs are coming from the motor or the wheels or wherever. can you go faster than 22 and do the vibs subside? check your magneto flywheel to make sure it is tight and undamaged. one of your magnets may have fallen out, so its unbalanced (happened to me)

Re: engine output

the -ped will go faster than 22mph. it probably goes to about 30 but the vibration practically rattles my teeth out. it's got to be something that rotates with the engine.

the exhaust pipe does also leak from where it's connected to the cylinder block. it is attached with a locknut which is pretty much rusted to the cylinder head. i'm also pretty sure the crush gasket underneath is no longer sealing the pipe to the block.

could it be running lean without good seal to the exhaust?

could carbon build-up be an issue?

would adjusting the timing or points gap be any help?

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