PA 50 Ramp plate removal

Hey all,

I am looking to remove the ramp plate on the front pulley of my PA 50.

I need to get a look at the rollers and clean out any junk that has built up. I have been running without the belt/pulley cover and I just know it will be crammed full of crap.

I am also feeling like a bit of my top end is suffering and think that this may be the cause.

So, here is the question. After removing the centre nut, there is this huge nut on the ramp plate itself. The manual says I will need a specialized wrench to remove, as well as some additional tools meant to keep the whole unit from moving.

Are there other, more easily available tools that I can use? I was thinking pipe wrench or vice grips for the nut, but how about the tools that hold it in place?


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