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I have no idea how long my moped has been sitting but the lights no longer work. I have a 78 Vespa Grande. It has blinker lights, but it looks like a previous owner installed them. I haven't been able to find a wiring diagram that accurately shows a set up like this.

There is a pack that sits on the right side just below the seat. It has a red switch on it but it doesn't slide properly. Is this some kind of battery pack?

This may seem rather vague, but I don't really know where to start. I'm hoping somebody will have some info on a good place to start rooting this problem out.

Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

Luke Evans /

okay have you got a pic of this pack what does it look like describe it, how many wires go in and out, what are the colours, does it have abit of pipe poking out of the top and running down the side? does it have yellow fill up points for the cells? pictures speak a thousand words


Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

Hopefully these pics will come out right. I really don't want to load them on a third party sight and code them into the message. Sorry if they don't work. I put them in a zip folder so I could send more then one.

If these pics help, tell me what you think

Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

what the hell is that .. i never seen one.. looks kinda old... directional blinker lamp.

What are all the words on that package.. too fuzzzy to read. Brand name, city state, etc..

Is there an item number, etc? Might be worth a google search.

Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

Like I said before, I'm pretty sure that somebody had done a bunch of stuff to this bike before I ever got it. The wires coming out of the box go to the front and rear blinkers. They don't work, so I assumed that the box was a battery pack and there would be a way to charge it.

I was hoping somebody new what it was and could tell me what to do.

I'll do some checking on it and if I have anymore questions I'll post a new thread.


Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

chances are it's a wet lead-acid battery .. since it's old and huge the batteries are no doubt dead by now.. and they cannot be recovered. They quickly sulfate and die if left in the discharged state.

However, you could stick a new battery in that box, like a gel cell .. or any of the more modern rechargable types. Switch is probably just a battery disconnect switch that needs a little WD40. I'd expect the internals of the box to be badly corroded.

There should be screws or fastener of some kind to open that box.. it doesn't look like a use-once and throw away sorta thing..

Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

That's the kind of stuff that I want to hear.

Where can I find one of these gel rechargable batteries?

What are good names to look for?

Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

gel cells are very popular and easy to find.. HERE is a page from a company that sells surplus stuff.. notice the batteries come in lots of sizes, 6 volt, 12 volt and others are available. Click the "More Info" button to see the dimensions.

Gel cells are used on everything from wind and solar energy storage to golf carts to electric model cars to power back-ups to motorcycle and bicycles, kid's electric vehicles.. and a million other applications.

Google for

gel cell price

But open that box and see how many volts that battery pack is .. maybe 6 or 12 volts.. And examine whatever is inside the box for loose wiring or whatever.

Then test the system with any equivelant battery that's laying around the house. Hopefully the turn signals will operate immediately.

Re: Lights Battery Pack etc

That's the most logical, effecient advice that a person could give.

I need to start looking at my instincts to identify and solve problems.

I have 10 street smarts 0 Moped smarts-

It sure helps to have info on things like "gel cell batteries"

As stupid as it sounds, I've never heard about them.

Thanks for the help Joe

I'm really looking forward in meeting with Leon about my moped in whole.

Hopefully I'll be able to give something back to this forum like I have received

Thanks again joe-

I've seen you give effective replies on several different posts

You are the kind of user that makes these kind of forum pages so usefull.

Adam T

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